Robbins-Madanes Training Registration Closing – Last Chance

Want to understand the Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Training? Listen to this amazing teleclass by Cloe Madanes, where she took listeners personal questions and turned them into 3-4 minute strategy sessions, giving the person a concrete action to do to change their life. This is Strategic Intervention at work. There was one intervention which, we’ve already heard, solved a 4-year old relationship/sexual problem overnight! If you have any interest in Tony’s films, you should hear Cloe’s masterful work live here.

Teleclass Part 1

Teleclass Part 2

Alternate links:

Teleclass Part 1

Teleclass Part 2

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You can also reach me (Mark) personally at

858.699.5606 (US cell phone :-)

The following are included in the program:

Special Time-Sensitive Offers
1. The study buddy program is back! Join with the program with a “buddy” and you get nearly half off of your membership fee. Each buddy pays one payment of $2,000 or three payments of $675. Our most affordable member plan ever. Sign up individually first, then find a buddy. If you can’t find one, we will find one for you.

2. Students will get business support – marketing training for individual practices and an interactive three week workplace intensive where we work with you to apply Strategic Intervention solutions for your workplace.

3. In addition to your Certificate in Strategic Intervention Coach training, you’ll also get a full training and Certificate as a Marriage Educator. You’ll also get the Ultimate Relationship Program Educator’s Kit, which will show you how to present the program to groups. You can give workshops to groups presenting the Ultimate Relationship Program.

4. Finally, Cloe and I will be giving a live training in Strategic Intervention late this year or in January, and you can come join us in San Diego for this face-to-face training for 50% off. This will be a rare opportunity to study with Cloe in person.

Take advantage of this opportunity and join us now. The only requirement is that you want to use everything you know and everything you can be to become a Strategic Interventionist.

Learn about the training

Looking forward to connecting with you!


Mark Peysha

Robbins-Madanes Training


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