5 Part Strategic Intervention Training

What is it that holds us back, and what is it that sets us free? This week we’re doing a case study on the beliefs, habits, and motivations that dictate 90% of your happiness and success. And we’ll show how a young lady stood up to learn these principles from Tony, how she went home with a new action plan, and how within two months meeting Tony, she completely transformed her life.

These five videos are an excerpt from a new project we’re developing called Outstanding Relationships. Each video is about twenty minutes long and will guide you through some of the most powerful principles of Strategic Intervention.

Mark Peysha
Robbins-Madanes Training

Part 1: Emotional Patterns

In today’s video you’ll learn about how emotions are created – and how to “break down” any experience in your life into three things that you can control and use to shape the emotions you want to have. Enjoy.


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Part 2: Shaping Your Emotions

How do you change your emotions? Our culture has become overrun with messages claiming that there’s some mysterious emotional part of us that can only be influenced by a pill – as if taking an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety med were like an antibiotic that will just “wipe that problem out.” Only now are studies becoming widespread exposing the negative side-effects, risks, and failures of psychotropic drugs.

On the other hand, we all know the pull between what we want to feel and what we’re actually feeling. Ever felt sad, mad, or scared despite “knowing better” intellectually? If feeling arrives faster than thought, how can you change it with thought? Today’s session will answer those questions. Tony will help Tahnee understand what she’s really feeling when she’s “depressed” and how she can take full control of her emotional reality in a simple, practical way. You’ll also learn how to quickly understand the emotional dynamic of any person you meet. So enjoy the video, and we’ll see you soon.


Part 3: The Seven Master Steps

Strategic Interventions like to follow a master template for creating change, called the Seven Master Steps. This is a sequence refined by Tony over the years for making sure that you fully understand the person and they feel understood, so that you can direct them through the actions and experiences that will create lasting change. SI is a very active and strategic approach to coaching, where you actually give the person a short, easy task to do that will create massive changes for them. For instance, the way Tony is inviting Tahnee to “put herself in depression” is actually permanently altering the way Tahnee will experience depression in the future (i.e., she won’t have it anymore). We do a comprehensive training on these steps, but in today’s mini-training you’ll see how Tony helps Tahnee by putting the seven master steps to work.


Part 4: Life Stages

Why do some coaching methods fail – leading to a quick “pump up” followed by a loss of momentum… while Strategic Interventions create permanent change where people not only help themselves, but then turn around to help others? The focus of Strategic Intervention is to create a processional effect – where the person who previously needed help, now becomes the helper, like ripples expanding on a pond. Very often a person who gets helped by Tony, when we check in with them later, reports that they’ve had a major effect on 5-10 other people in their lives.

You see, in order for personal change to be truly effective, it must a) engage the person’s innermost human needs b) empower that person in their relationships c) be right for their stage of life – in other words, trigger a whole new level of growth in the person d) ultimately lead to leadership and contribution – helping others.

Today we’ll focus on a) your needs and c) your life stage. These two go together. You see, every moment of your life, every decision you make is influenced by the way you meet what we call your Six Human Needs. This is a universal way to understand anyone in your life – especially yourself. If you can understand and create a change in your human needs, you transform your life (guaranteed). The second factor is understanding life stages. You see, life is made up of a series of life stages, where the “game changes” and requires a whole new approach. If you can understand and manage your stage in life, you’ll trigger a whole new level of growth. And our students know that if they can understand someone’s life stage, they can easily help them meet the priorities that will move them forward.


Part 5: Paying It Forward (Breakthrough Day!)

As we said, lasting change is rooted in our needs to grow and to contribute beyond ourselves. Raise your standards in any area of life, and soon you’ll be looking around to see whom you can help. And that’s the next level for you.

Now that we’ve gone through the Six Human Needs, today we’re going to see how by understanding her needs and the way she has been using them, Tahnee made a conscious choice that transformed her life, career, relationship… you name it. And as we visit with Tahnee several years later, you’ll see how by making a commitment to growth and contribution, Tahnee found herself not only prospering but becoming a leader and a positive example… even to her mother.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this training series as much as Cloe and I have. PLEASE SHARE YOUR COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS below – and keep your eyes on your inbox for your next video from Robbins-Madanes Training.

Talk soon,

Mark Peysha


Robbins-Madanes Training



30 Responses to “5 Part Strategic Intervention Training”

  1. Watched all tonight. Amazing! Thank you. I have done 23 years of work on myself from doctors, self-help books, law of attraction, spirituality etc. I feel like each stepping stone has gotten me closer to happiness. But after listening to this I feel like I have finally been taught the “core layer” and I can use that to better apply all of the other tools under my belt.

  2. Dena on June 25th, 2013
  3. I enjoyed what Tony pointed out in the end, asking what your life would be like if the problem went away. I could actually feel what it will be like when my problem goes away.

  4. Virginia . on June 27th, 2013
  5. Am really moved when I watched all the videos. It is a live demo and if Tahnee can, why not others including me. What moved me is Tony’s preaching and practising have greater rhythm. Growth & contribution are the two sides of the same coin.They travel concomitantly.Sharing knowledge through this programme Tony is living through what he has been practicing.Great! Thanks lot!!

  6. P.R.Subas Chandran on July 7th, 2013
  7. This is a gift. I have always dealt with issues on a logical level and if it’s emotional I struggle to overcome them. l have been dealing with deep wounds and emotional issues concerning a relationship breakup that happened 2.5 years ago. I could not get over the pain, grief and sadness of it ending and feeling rejected, it did not help that I would allow this person, who is toxic, to float in and out of my life in this time, thereby reflaming the issues. I know he does this to play mind games and keep me attached, and I have stayed ” attached” not able to completely break from this destructive cycle. After seeing this session, I realized I was fulfilling personal needs and in a very addictive pattern. Staying stuck in meant I did not have to move on to try again or be vulnerable. It blocked me from being hurt again, from trusting a man again, this is known to me, this was/is comfortable.
    However, it has helped too. Going thru such pain and grief help me to grow spiritually and find great strenght in myself and had allowed me to use these to help others and Im grateful for that. I just kept wishing and praying desperately that someone would give me the instructions in a logical form on
    ” how to move forward” I am so tired of being in this place and could not find the road map.
    Well, a HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Robbins for this session. I now see the instructions and map so clearly in a completely understandable form to help me move past this emotional road block. It is the gift of understanding…. finally.
    Thank you, so very very much.

  8. vickey on October 29th, 2013
  9. Thank you sooooo much for the videos. You guys are awesome. I wish there is an easy way for me to watch ‘em offline.

    Thank you!

  10. Samer on November 12th, 2013
  11. Going through the videos were really wonderful experience. I appreciate the service Tony is doing to the world with his teachings are really divine and spiritual. I feel empowered with the new awareness and feel he is Blessed. Thank you very much.

  12. Ulhas Talgeri on November 18th, 2013
  13. I have seen the lessons in mastery produced in 2000 on CD of 5 hours for Tony .Are they deffirent from the 7 steps promoted here ?

  14. Belal on November 28th, 2013
  15. Thanks, Tony, watching this video helped me to get in touch with a deep issue that has held me back all my adult life. I have been doing inner work on me for quite awhile. This new issue that I let myself feel completely has left me feeling hopeful about this issue for the very first time. Thanks again Tony and Tahnee as well as it was your courage to look inwards Tahnee that has helped me.

  16. Pitche on December 6th, 2013
  17. Yes,this video makes me to understand that our emotion[the unseen force inside us]must be under our control .If it’s not positive,we have to change it.We can decide our state at any time,Thank you for this teaching.God bless you sir.

  18. Peter on December 13th, 2013
  19. Hi What I want to change in my life is I want to get more confidence in jumping my horse competitivley. I have just bought him From Sydney ( i’m in Perth) and I have lessons regulary. But everytime I jump him at home etc I need to get better and trust my horse more. Can you help steer me in that direction? I’m serious rider and have a horse business for a living. I won’t go to the depth of my riding as you wouldn’t understand the terminology.

  20. Wendy Scott-Mather on December 31st, 2013
  21. It’s amazing how much this has taught me about myself, and others. If I could met Tony in person I wonder how much my life would actually change.

  22. Chanel on December 31st, 2013
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  24. huizen on January 3rd, 2014
  25. I am so grateful that you are sharing such videos with people all over the world. Thank you!
    The videos are showing such great human connection, care for one another, trust, honesty…
    The tools are excellent and anyone can use them.

  26. Aleksandar on January 6th, 2014
  27. In my 52 years of reading and trying to grow, and never really moving forward I have found these videos have switched on an engine inside me and I am raring to go forward.

    Thank you

  28. Julia Smith on January 7th, 2014

  30. jody on January 9th, 2014
  31. I have been scratching the surface on this issue all my life. To the point of frustration and giving up because i believe i would not find the answer to the root of my problem. Tony really goes to the core on this one, and for the first time I feel a relieve within me that is almost strange. I want this to be the point where I break this wall that’s been holding me back. It has affected me financially, with relationships, and my overall dealings with people. Freedom from all this is posible, thank you Tony for what you have dedicated your life to do. Thank you very much…

  32. Luis on January 10th, 2014
  33. Thank you so much for this information and knowledge. I too have been working on myself, learning about the law of attraction and relationships. This is really an area that I want to learn more about and understand fully as I would love to be able to help others as well as myself. I’m so glad I came across this.

  34. Maria on January 11th, 2014
  35. **

    Hi, I watched these over, two or three times
    and … it must be me but .. I just Don’t Get It !!

    :-( :-( :-(

    What do *I NEED* ??


  36. David A-L on January 13th, 2014
  37. This type of knowledge is so much needed by so many people! Great resources to help one understand one-self and others and produce change for a better life!

  38. Lucian on January 14th, 2014
  39. This session has been immensely helpful. Anthony Robbins is the # 1 Master at this. I enjoy the learning experience from this so much.

  40. Adele Bantle on January 30th, 2014
  41. i suffer with depression and the same crazy 8 and looking for that happiness to take me out of this pattern reminds me of the one person who doesnt want to be a part of me anymore.maybe i need a new relationship to break the pattern .i go to the gym but you said this just a break so maybe ….have i got to take it further by moving town or a new career???????????

  42. jason franklin on February 19th, 2014
  43. WOW talk about empowering :)

  44. Melanie on February 20th, 2014
  45. I found this information to be very loving, thorough, useful and penetrating. So much so, that I may need to nap in order for it to fully sink in. (Smile) Mr. Robbins, I appreciate you as a taskmaster in actively and experientially moving people forward in their lives with these practices and teachings. I like your wit, humor, irreverence, compassion and hands-on passionate approach that allows your successes with one participant to be felt and shared by everyone in the conference, as well as us here on the internet. Dr. Madanes, I also appreciate your feminine voice, explaining to us why these levels of coping with ‘seeming’ challenges occur and why the formula for overcoming them works. You both make a great team and this is highly commendable work. Thank you. (p.s. Not sure why, but the 5th video stopped playing after approximately eight and a half minutes.)

  46. Imani Gayle Gillison on February 22nd, 2014
  47. Thank you so much! I’ve been sharing with all my friends who were seeking the same answers, I feel like I’ve arrived, of course with all new things I felt that I arrived, now I can just believe that it’s a happy destination and further development ahead, thank you so much!

  48. Dana Johnson on March 1st, 2014
  49. Great job Tony! Am happy to know of others who are contributing to the evolution of this planet. I just wish (and am working towards) doing as much for as many as you; and will certainly promote you as a site for help with relationships (as soon as my website is completed). That is “my” problem now. I’ve invested every cent I had available in getting my business started; but need the final piece before it can take off – my website being that piece. I just finally got the approval I needed to get the website started; but am now lacking the capital to make it happen. All traditional borrowing options are closed to me; but I’m determined to find a way. It is proving difficult however, to get out of the government systems that bind us (systems that I realize are restrictive and counterproductive to growth). These areas need to change; and I will be a facilitator, as you are, for world change. I imagine the reason I’ve had the difficulties I face, is to see just how hard it is for many in my position, to break free and find fulfillment in their life. The rest of my days will be dedicated to helping others grow, heal and evolve, as I evolve. And yes, I see the “gift” in everything I’ve gone through: to be that inspiration to others having similar challenges. Am now just waiting, looking and seeking the miracle to “make it happen”. If you actually read these; and have any further “options” for me, I will gratefully accept your advise. – Thanks, Cheryl (an empowerment & evolution facilitator)

  50. Cheryl on March 2nd, 2014
  51. WOW! What a way for you all to meet people needs! These videos are presented in such a manner that the presentation style and delivery meets the viewer’s individual Human Needs. I felt comforted, experienced variety and surprise, felt importance, sensed love and connectedness, and definitely experienced growth and the empowerment to grow which will increase positive contribution to others. I experienced all these needs. You all really presented this well, on so many levels. It’s presented in a personal and an individual manner as well as professional and global.

  52. Ronie on March 5th, 2014
  53. This was a very uplifting couple of hours for me whilst watching Tony and Tanhee discuss her personal issues affecting her life. Tony used simple methods to retune Tanhee’s way of looking at her problems with fantastic results.
    I have already made changes to my life and relationship which have proven to be very successful.
    I will continue on this course, thanks ever so much.

    Jason, United Kingdom.

  54. Jason Bird on March 6th, 2014
  55. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


    W O R K
    Tony !

    I lOVE as you do ,

    helping people and

    my self at the

    same time , and telling

    my self AS YOU DO , and



    h o w


    i and they CAN change

    their lives




    GOD B L E S S YOU ,

    and Thank you ,



  56. lana boy on March 6th, 2014
  57. Beautiful training video. I have learned a few good things with this training. I do need to watch them a few more times.

    Eugene La Branch
    West Palm Beach, Florida

  58. Eugene La Branch on March 12th, 2014
  59. At 1st I admit I thought this was going to be a sappy story about some poor rich girl who just wanted attention… but skipping to the end (the interview with Tahnee, her husband & her Mom), I came away with the feeling that this was all very genuine. It really warmed my heart to see how people (with some very intentional effort) can make a difference in another’s life. And how it’s effects radiate outward into the world. It has touched my heart. ~ I’m eager to continue with stopping my own “crazy 8″ behavior. I’m digging deeper into the “why’s” of my behavior & am hopeful for my breakthrough. Thank you so much. Yo

  60. Yo Hernandez on March 25th, 2014
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