Hey guys, this video will tell you all about the coaching profession.

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Finding Your Greatest Resource

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Ever feel that the weight of the past is too heavy, you don’t know how to break through to a new future? This is a common problem, and often people waste months or years of their life suffering from guilt, shame, or feelings of inadequacy… then one day break through to the life of their dreams. How? Let’s talk about it.

In today’s film, you’re going to meet Lyndsey, a woman who seemed to be facing such difficult odds. She stood up to speak with Tony because due to some poor financial decisions, she had put her family $250,000 in debt… and the guilt and shame of doing this was crushing her soul. Tony dug a little deeper and discovered the root source of Lyndsey’s pain – she had two daughters with severe health problems, and this is what had driven Lyndsey to gamble.

So what did Lyndsey really need? She needed to be as strong as fulfilled in her life as possible, so that she could enjoy every day even while fighting for her daughters and rebuilding her finances. She spoke with Tony for a little over than an hour, found a solution, and sat down. Then she want home and got to work. As you’ll see, one year later, Lyndsey is a transformed woman – not only handling the demands of her home and family, but she also became a major contributor in her community. If you have ever felt that your decisions from the past are weight you down, you MUST witness this method for turning yourself around and finally living the life you really want. Enjoy!

Mark Peysha
Robbins-Madanes Training


What are RMT Students Getting From The Training? (100 students comment)

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Want to see how RMT students are getting the training? Last month we asked our students to fill out a course evaluation form, and this is what they said. Great job, guys!

Sign up here: www.GetRMT.com

I am able to live life differently, for the better, because of this course. One decision can change so much…for the better in my case. Once you take the training, there’s no going back! A big thank you!
New Life Coach

I am absolutely loving the training. My friends and family are all are impressed with the changes they’ve seen in me personally and also the effect on our relationships. I learned something significant from every video and every single teleclass. I am enjoying my life now more than ever. The program has given me many tools to help me get the career I want, and most importantly, I believe I have gained the confidence and motivation to pursue it relentlessly.

The training was excellent, very intensive and transformative, and easy to integrate immediately into my private practice. On the personal level, it is extremely transformative and I find I am getting breakthroughs. The paradigm shift from modern psychotherapy encourages us to think about ourselves and our own needs. It is beautifully geared as a multilevel training where one can get one’s own personal growth as well as professional growth for beginning as well as advanced therapist/coaches.

I have a background in psychology, have coaching certifications from two other coaching organizations with solid reputations in the industry and this exceeds their training by far. It was great learning my own needs and how I get them met. This has allowed me to see how others get their needs met. Don’t wait to take this training!
Educator, program administrator, counselor

This is going to take me up a couple levels in my field. I think the program has given me more confidence and new tools to add to my practice. Personally I have enjoyed each person I have come in contact. I feel the best surprise is my connection with Cloe. She is heart centered, intelligent, creative, has a warm heart and is very giving. Cloe has helped me
define the way I want to coach.

The training has changed completely my life, and I mean every one of these 37 letters. It has given me a bottle and a funnel to pour and use a tsunami of tools. I can only say thanks to every single one of you, and when I say this I really mean it .
New Life Coach

My experience with the course was fantastic. I’ve been training for 25 years and thought I was really good before, but now with the training I received I feel like I’ve reached a whole new level of mastery/unconscious competence.
Education Coach

I had a great journey thru all of my learnings in this course. I have widened my way of thinking. My misson has become clearer, and I feel I master this way of coaching. The fun part is that I learn something new every day.
New Life Coach

I loved the course. It was so much more than I expected. The information and priciples are so applicable to anyone’s life, business, and of course relationships. When I started this course, I had no idea why I was signing up. I just knew I had to. The information I learned had helped all of my relationships: personally and professionally. Plus, I have been able to evaluate all of my business offerings to see if and how I can make sure that they meet as many of the 6 human needs as possible. This strategy has really helped to fill in some of the gaps in my programs giving my clients a more fulfilling experience.

“Thank you for your kind words. My experience with the RMT training was absolutely great. I have listened to all teleclasses too and done almost all of the bonus lessons but I have not submitted all of them. It is absolutely amazing. I am totally hooked on RMT and its amazing course. I am providing career coaching to 10 of my colleagues with the blessing of the training and development manager as well as the coachees’ line managers’ full approval. So my type of coaching (i.e. what I have learnt from RMT on strategic intervention) is fast creating a huge wave in my office. I might gradually push for more coachees and slowly switch from my current position to be a full time coach with my current employer.
Internal Company Coach

The training was incredible. Its great to have such a wonderful resource to be able to access and re-access. The videos are incredible. Future plans are to integrate the teachings of this course at a much deeper level. As is the challenge with such a comprehensive course, there is A LOT to learn. I will now be going back and focusing on some specific skills to master them. This would include integrating key techniques into my own coaching practice.
New Life Coach (now working for Tony Robbins companies)

I had been searching for a Coaching program and felt unsure about the choices that were out there. I had almost given up and when I decided to research my options one more time, your program was up and running and you made if financially doable so I could start right away!

I get quicker results from my coachees. Before I thought a coach was not supposed to give directions. I am have a direct way of communication and now I can be myself much more. The 6 human needs excellent!. The course is worth it! You will get a completely new fresh way of giving coaching.
Executive & Leadership Coach

The training helped me sell my business as a dentist and start new as a coach. It helped me through my divorce, and I feel like iI am being a better mother. I am now coaching families, especially couples with children. You are all just doing fantastic.
Dentist/Life Coach

The training has been excellent. This is not the therapy that has people stuck in their stuff, but an understanding, realistic, non-pathologizing bootstrap approach that I think is much needed. Do it! I’ve been in Human Resources for 35 years and was licensed as a Professional Counselor a few years ago. I am starting my own practice, and this is help me with new skills and knowledge that I need to be effective. You have done a great job with this!
Counselor, Coach, HR Professional

One day my husband came home from work having decıded to quıt hıs work because he was fed up wıth people (including his boss).He watched one of the films, he dıd the values elıcıtatıon, and he realısed that hıs rules to feel apprecıated are not easy to reach. Thank you very much for all.
Chemist, New Life Coach

I have now done my first coaching sessions with a friend, and I feel that I have the tools from this training. Do this training! It is amazing. Even if you do not want to work as a coach, it is great for self awareness. I would like to thank the three of you, it has been tremendous growth! And Tony, as we say in Brazil: “when I grow up (I am 51) I want to be just like you” :) .
Life Coach and Teen Community Program Worker

Not only has the training help me understand myself and behaviors, but also it has helped me become a better father by understanding and applying the strategies in life with a teenage daughter. Now I understand what drives my behavior. This will change their life!
Small Business Consultant

The training has helped me to realize that people are often reacting to past issues and not just responding to present situations. I have learned to approach people with more gentleness and not be upset if they do not react the same way. It helps you to grow no matter what profession you are in.
Medical Technologist

A big thank-you for this program. The 6 needs are very helpful personally and in my work as an internal coach. It’s important to immerse yourself by accessing all available elements of the program.”
Corporate coach for an Insurance Company

This training has brought hope back into my life. I feel supported and encouraged. Its been a turnaround in my life. I love the teleclass every week. If I’m thinking of a question, it gets asked and answered. Cloe and Mark are so tender, helpful, kind, wise and so gentle with people and situations.

The training helped me to better understand my (and those around me) feelings, states of spirit or actions. Changing your life is not a myth but a truth available for anybody, anywhere, anytime. I would fully recommend this great experience. I want to thank them for sharing this valuable information and for making possible to join the course no matter what country you are living in or what proffesion do you have.

This training has helped me improve my relationship with my husband. This is the best training imaginable. It’s must for everyone. I am very very grateful for this training. It has brought enormous positive changes to the life of my family.

I have been able to integrate most of the training into my life, but also in my work with others. Every minute is an “aha experience”. The training is not only illuminating it is also down to earth and very clear. The big questions are answered and the small ones are taken seriously. Cloe’s wisdom and experience is immense and Mark’s clarity is invaluable. The two make a team worth listening to.

The training provides excellent insights into the human drives, excellent relationship understanding, excellent information about teens. You’ll get far more out of it than you imagine.
Interior Designer

I am a better coach and a better lay minister because I have so many more tools to use to help people. The single most useful thing I’ve gotten from the training is confidence.
Lay minister and businessman

The course is well balanced. I have found the exercises, videos and the intellectual presentation, rewarding and these have enhanced my own clinical understanding and life in general. It provides efficient frameworks for quickly resolving client emotional problems. This is a most rewarding course to do both for everyday use and for clinical practice. I support and salute them.
Clinical Immunobiologist

The training helped me understand the human experience from a much wider perspective and allowed me to trust more in our ability to change, grow and evolve. Just in everyday conversations with people at work or anywhere, the training is evident in the way I respond to people. You are an amazingly dedicated group of people who inspire change and are influencing the consciousness of humanity.
Nurse and Wellness Counselor

I came to this training as my relationship was hitting the rocks. I was in a desperate state because my wife had chosen to be with another man, and we have two small children. The training has help me keep true to myself during very emotional periods, and it has also now helped my ex wife, and I found a win-win scenario for our futures and our children. Thank you for the inspiration and your contribution. The training is a constant guide for me in what has been the most difficult yet most amazing time for me.

I’ve used the Six Human Needs in coaching 3 career professionals. It’s helped them open themselves to alternate possibilities and driven a new set of criteria with which to evaluate future opportunities. Thank you – great program and very effective”
Recruiter and coach

The training has absolutely helped me develop an even greater understanding of myself, my relationships and my clients. Just last week I used the “Key Decision” work on a client and wow – it was right on.It was amazing to be a part of someone’s new understanding of their own behavior. You are all so gifted in the arena of human behavior, and I feel quite privileged to be able to participate in this valuable training. I absolutely love it!
Coach and author

It is the most amazing group, and I have loved all the posts and the interactions that occur on that page. It’s rich, honest and everyone is so caring. Everyone I have shared any sort of understanding I have gotten with this training is moved in some way. Cloe and Mark, you are a perfect team. Blessings to you all!

I love what I have learnt about human psychology and relationships, through this training. The results are beyond great. It has helped me in my own life, and thanks to what I learnt, I have been able to reach my dad and trigger very positive changes in his life, which to me has been worth the investment in this program by itself.
Body-centered Psychotherapist

I have done many Tony programs and always wanted to make his approach a main part of my work with my clients (I work as bodycentered psychotherapist), but I never really could make the useful transition from all the seminars to my work out of different reasons. This training helps me lot in doing so. The center of gravity in my work is shifting in bringing in the cornerstones of Robbins-Madanes Approach. I recommend this training strongly. Wonderful work.
Body-centered Psychotherapist

I am so impressed with the telecasts. You are often given some interesting situations and the way you respond has made me open up my way of thinking. When presented with a situation, you keep asking questions and that seems to be the key to really getting to the heart of the issue. At present, my favourite part of the course is the teleclass. I also have to say that the insight Tony has when working with people is awe-inspiring.”
Bankruptcy Administrator/Counselor

“I am working with three different clients right now. I started with free sessions, and everyone has wanted to continue. I appreciate the concept of the 6 Human Needs. It has changed my way of seeing the world, and as a result, I find it very easy to teach that to others. The concept is so simple, but it can relate to everything.

For someone new to self development and self growth, the training can be life changing if you commit to do the work by answering the questions in the videos and related homework. My therapist took this course also and when I shared with him that I was going to take it, he told me it was “outstanding, top notch and worth every dollar” I absolutely agree with him! Mark and Cloe are great!
Supply chain logistics consultant

I listen to people in a very different way since starting this course. Slowly I start to recognise needs and patterns. There is more understanding for my parents. The course also helped me in helping my colleagues deal with fear due to two burgleries in the shop. The course material is great. I love the video’s and the teleseminars.

I have a much clearer understanding of Tony’s work after all this time. I can recognize a sequence in the work that is pretty simple to see and do. I am getting more certainty that I am where I need to be in pursuing this type of work. I am seeing a change in my relationships with family and friends as I get more and more understanding. When you can show someone how easy and fast you can change a dis-empowering thought/beleif/feeling, the world becomes less intimidating and more compassionate. People become more connected and contribute more and the world is better for it. Thank you for this.
Registered Nurse

The Teleclasses, with the real-world experiences that people are having, are also, in themselves, an incredible source of insight and learning. Thank you VERY much for doing what you do!

I listen carefully to the insight that Cloe offers. She has perfected the art of listening between the lines and bringing the core of the issue to the forefront. I have her textbook from many years ago, but hearing from her directly is inspirational. Consider this an investment in a knowledge base you will only get from a masters program. Learning to coach is a complex skill set that needs supervision and experience to enhance the desire to help to the level of truly assisting change.
Life and Health Coach, RNMS

“Without a doubt the training has improved my relationship with my wife. What I thought was a good relationship got even better! The unexpected improvement in our relationship from very good to Outstanding has been priceless. Cloe, Tony, Mark; First of all a sincere thank you for the opportunity to study Strategic Intervention. I know that it will have far reaching positive implications in my future.

I used to believe that people don’t change, that they are who they are, but I now look at them as a work in progress with infinite possibilities. I am almost finished with training and feel that I have grown so much this year as a result of the training.ife and give you better tools to work with. I’m continually inspired by the training.
Retired Nurse

This stuff amazes me. Daily. It has helped me in my personal life with my marriage. While we are happily married, my husband and I lack passion. But thanks to the videos, we’re finding it again. We also used some of the tools in a recent workshop. Not only does the training improve who we are, it improves the lives of others. But more than that, it gives us the confidence and the vehicle to genuinely help others make change. It works!
Nurse, Speaker, Author

The training has empowered me to finally break down the barrier, open my mouth, and start really connecting with my wife again. I’ve also been able to use some of the techniques to help students deal with insecurity and feelings of low self-worth in my Audition/Performance course at the University in Zurich where I teach. I’m looking for more ways to use SI and the coaching in general in my teaching. You’re wonderful! You make a difference! I’m so glad I came!
Musician and University Instructor

I have been executive coaching since 1999 but I can see how fast I can get results by using SI. After this training, I can walk help clients with personal issues I couldn’t do before in executive coaching, and it is so useful. Drop everything and go for it!
Executive coach

This is the most comprehensive training I have ever seen, packed with information, strategies and techniques, a lot of support from the training and the student group. It has been an amazing experience!
Social Worker, Coach

My work is hypnotherapy, meditation. The work has given me a model that enables me to have a deeper perspective of what maybe going on for my client. Thank you both for your insights and words of advice to many. Cloe, I have gained insight into my family situations from hearing you work with others and this has been most helpful for me.

The more I pay attention to the training the more opportunities I get to use them. Situations just seem to come up with people. This is like getting a university education in life skills. I am so thankful that this kind of education is being made available.
Financial services, coach

This is the single most valuable thing I have done in my life other than being born, marrying my husband and bringing up 3 incredible children! I wish I knew this information as a younger person because I would have avoided most of the hurdles I have had to go though in my life. However, I strongly believe it is better late than never! My message to the three you is that I have never been so clear in my life about where I am going with all this beautiful information you have shared with me/us. You each bring such different and amazing gifts to this program that it is like watching magic unfold- and I want to continue sharing this message with the world.

I have been able to be of better assistance to my clients with emotional problems. I recently used aspects of the training at a seminar on personal transformation for top insurance executives. It helped to make the session a great success.
Coach/Lifestyle consultant

This training has helped me to live my authentic self, enabling me to live from my highest intention. Do it!
Government-Administrative Officer

I know a lot of unhappily married women and if they can afford this program, I do recommend it because it gets them out of their head, and into thinking about the needs of their husband…and has the added bonus of Tony’s description of how men think, which may actually be one of the most useful things I’ve gotten out of this thus far!

My wife and I have given already retreats (most of them spiritual, for family and couples) Now we have a lot more tools and strategies to give (especially to couples) to have a life full of passion and fullfillment. Starting with ourselves. The training is not theory, but very practical. It has profound and proven bases in psychology.
Seminar Leader

I am beginning to really listen to people and myself and dig deeper into what they are saying. I’m no longer afraid to ask ask and ask more questions because it will only help in understanding myself and others more and breaking the resistance. The training? It’s money and time and effort worth spent, and believe me once you start working on yourself you want to give it and spread the goodnews that anything can be solved. I am finally going to be doing something I always knew I wanted to do.

There is a wisdom about the content of the training that resonates strongly with me, as if somewhere I already knew it, but not in such profundity. I was in a state of heartbreak when I started, but have now managed largely to change my focus on to being grateful for what I have rather what I don’t have. This enables me to teach others to do the same in some trial coaching sessions I have started. Someone from a couple I coached recommended me enthusiastically to a newly separated wife for coaching – my first recommendation! I am so grateful to Google for putting the RMT ads next to my inbox page! And so grateful that you have made the course globally available. A heartfelt thank you.

The training has been helpful to see and change negative behaviors in myself, my relationship with my husband and friends. I have encouraged numerous friends to move to a new place of contentment. The program is designed to help a person elevate their outlook in life, to reach beyond herself/himself in new and exciting ways to create a more fulfilling life.
Educational Products

The training a very enlightening experience. It helps me to understand much better what happens around me, how people react and why, and gives me a much better understanding of my deeper self and of other human beings. You have put a lot of work in this and I want to thank you and congratulate you!
Math Coach

Powerful stuff and the timing couldn’t have been better. I had been considering another coaching training program but struggled because it required traveling to 3 day study sessions for 12 months. That would have been a stretch. RMT has been a perfect fit for me and my lifestyle.
Government Agency Supervisor

I have been able to directly implement the 6 human needs and many of the strategies for life both in my coaching and in my personal life. Thank you for offering a terrific training opportunity, which also lends its self so well to improving the greater community of our people. Thank you Cloe, Tony & Mark!
Coach & Therapist
Thanks for creating this training. Its a game changer for life. I am able to bring so much of my unconscious decision making into awareness now. My capability to be a more positive parent, daughter, friend and guide has increased many fold too.
DO IT! I know people interested in Coaching, I always talk to them about this program. Its the most complete one I’ve seen out there (and I’ve shopped around). The single most useful thing I’ve gotten from the training is understanding. Knowing that I have a decision, a choice to make in every situation life presents before me. That change is possible and that not only me, but people around me (friends and family) are more powerful than they think they are. I’ve stopped bad habits like biting my nails and watching too much tv and have become more focus about what really matters to me. It has been amazing. I’m understanding a lot of things about me, about people around me.
Business Process Consultant
This is a the best training I have done in my life so far and I am really loving it. My life is changing in a good way. My self-confidence i stronger and stronger, also my fear of succes is fading away. I am coaching and all of my clients have had big changes in their lives. This is my way!
The course gives me a broader perspective on people around me and most importantly makes me stop and think very hard before forming opinions about people. You can only get positives from doing this training.

Broker and consultant

The training has been great for me both professionally (tremendous help in building a coaching practice, great strategies that work) and personally (relationship with my husband), and mindset on how to choose and create my life. DO IT! It’s a great way to better understand oneself and people.
- Nathalie

This training will help you personally and professionally to improve relationships, discover untapped resources, and find out who you truly are. Thank you for creating this valuable training. Your message is impacting others all over the world to make it a better place and help people in need.
Legal worker

This has been a great adjust to my 35 years of practicing Therapy, and it has helped me personally to grow and realize the cause of my behaviors and thinking patterns. It will give you great insight into the mind and behaviors of self and others. Thank you all so much!
Psychotherapist/Life Coach
The training has helped me create new meanings out of past obstacles that held me back in particular areas of my life. The training will transform you! Cloe, Tony, and Mark, thank you for all you have done. The training was wonderful, each of you provided transformational information. I am forever grateful to each one of you.
Relationship Coach

When I joined the training I was recovering from accident which resulted in broken spine, becoming paraplegic and heavily depressed. The training was a last straw. I am happy to say now, that the last straw worked. I don’t feel depressed. Life is here for me again. I am slowly coming to the point to build my practice and even am giving support to friends who are having hard times. Thanks to the training. The training is the best thing you could do for yourself.
Psychologist and coach
The training program is very comprehensive and cleverly set-up for a busy professional to be able to accomplish. Through these modules, I have become a better person and a better coach. I use the skills I have learned to improve the lives of my employees and my company benefits.   Through the module on families, I have learned of a better way to interact with my ex-spouse which has improved our relationship. The benefit is that I have more contact with my daughter and there is less strife between her mother and I. My daughter is my heart. You have helped me with the skills I needed to be able to be closer to my little girl. This is a precious gift.
If you have a need to help others, this training will give you the tools to successfully meet that need. If you have a desire for self-improvement, this training will profoundly move you through your development phases. You will come out a different, and better person than the person you were before you started this program. If you are concerned about the time factor, the ease of working on the training as RMT has presented it, will ease that concern. This is a class A training program and these people know their stuff. My life is altered as a result of this training and I am eternally grateful. My relationships are so much more fulfilled.
Corporate Coach
As a psychotherapist, the RMT programme is adding many new and extremely valuable skills. I feel more positive and optimistic about people’s ability to change than I was before. I would tell them that the training would help them personally and profesionally. That it is run in a very creative and flexible way, that the trainers and the support team are very encouraging and supportive. Firstly, thank you all for sharing your expertise with us, I find the teleclasses a great source of learning.
Psychotherapist and Counsellor

It has help me in so many ways. This training has totally changed my life, my health, my relationships, and my career. I think the six human needs and the elevation strategy are the things I use mostly, both in my privatet life and in my work as a coach.

Do this course! It’s worth every penny and every moment of study. Learning about polarity between the masculine and feminine has not only shifted my marriage to a deeper state, but has allowed me to help another couple (my clients) to experience a deeper and more fulfilling relationship. Please continue being your wonderful selves… You are all a fountain of information and an inspiration. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for your work.
Counsellor, Coach, Massage Therapist

This course helped me through one of the most difficult stages in my life, and still it is life saving (also the community that has sprouted from it). You are about to enter a very wise, loving, and empowering world!

All three are terrific teachers with the ability to convey information clearly. The training has enhanced my bag of tools. Utilizing these tools has enabled me to help clients move through their issues by using the platform of growth and contribution. The program is designed to give participants ways and tools for creating a life of choice.
Parent Educator and Coach
I currently hold a Diploma of Life Coaching, I am an NLP Master Practitioner and enrolled to complete my NLP Trainers Training in August. The RMT has given me the unique tools and insights to take my business to the next level. The videos are outstanding and the detail breaking down the interventions coupled with the exercises (homeplay) has strengthened my skills beyond belief. I LOVE this program, THANK YOU.
-Relationship Coach

The training has given me the self confidence I needed so much to go on in my life. The training has given me a new purpose, a new compelling future, and a new direction in my life. I got clarity and strategies to change what I don’t need in my life anymore and to get what I do want. Do it! You can change a lifetime of challenges in one year of training your mind. If everybody learned how to control their emotions and how to have great relationships, our world would be a better place.

To Mark and Cloe – as I always say – THANK YOU SO MUCH for your dedication and for investing in us so much! To Tony – you really changed my life, both in the program and in the last DWD seminar when I was onstage with you for the presence excercise. It really got me back to my core! This is the BEST program there is and I look forward to be able to participate with you on finding and developing new strategies. I think some students that took this program to mastery level as I did will love to help you develop it further.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work, advice & support you are giving, the teleclasses & trainings are awesome! The marketing modules have helped me focus my intent and vision for my clinic dramatically. Absolutely do it!
- Angela

I have found the training to be immediately applicable both in my personal and professional lives. I has helped me get a much clearer picture of who I am , what motivates me and what I want. The training is invaluable, developed and designed to bring about deep and lasting change / transformation for yourself and others.You have a magnificent support team who find ways to facilitate ones learning and development. I have been having an interesting 12 months in my personal life and have always been reassured that my “investment” is in safe hands. It is good to deal with an organisation that practices what it preaches.
Psychotherapist and Artist

This has been amazing for me. I continue to learn so much from Tony and Cloe. After every unit, it seems that I have a client present with an issue for which that unit can help. I am using the material to enhance the lives and relationships of my clients daily. I am so loving this training. I feel that the skills will be timeless and invaluable and the more i use them, the better I’ll become and the more I can serve my loved ones and clients. Thanks for such wonderful material. Love it!!
- Deb
Relationship & Executive Coach

If you want to be as effective as possible in understanding and helping other human beings, this course has everything you will need – and more. I’d like Cloe, Tony and Mark to know that I admire how thoughtful, kind, helpful and overflowing with wisdom all 3 of you are. For me, Cloe is one of the most incredible human beings a live – it is a privilege to listen to her change people’s lives and bring out the best in them, regardless of their situation.
- Cesary
Software Developer & Coach

Your training has given me all that I need to learn to make things happen. I am encouraged to be a source of learning for others and will teach what I know to those who want to hear. I will do what I can to light the path for others.
- Rosangela
Wellness consultant
I understand so much more about human psychology. It has helped me to be a better person, a better coach and have a better marriage.  I have helped a lot of people in ways that I never felt fully qualified to do.- the personal stuff, as I am more of a business leadership coach, although always working with the person and self from the inside out. Just do itI NOW! Whoever you are and whatever you do, you will greatly benefit from this amazing training.
- Carole
Professional Coach, Trainer and Mediator

My neighbor, who I have ben coaching for 4 months, no longer smokes, drinks soda or any caffine, had restored his marriage, started his own business and ” finally get why life is good.” Love Cloe’s analysis of a master at work.  Thank you for melding the brilliance of 3 sharp minds and loving hearts into a new way of being for people. My life will never be the same, and neither will those of people I coach and interact with.
Massage Therapist and Coach

The single most useful thing I’ve gotten from the training is a more creative way to problem solve. I have become more strategic in my coaching and in my personal life. I have already recommended people consider joining. I would tell them that it has information unlike any other program that can change the way you approach life and circumstances. You guys freaking rock!
Personal Success Coach

RMT is the best investment I ever done In my life! It has completely transformed my life for the best! I have never felt more fulfilled, wiser, stronger or happier! A big thank you for all the knowledge, energy and love you shared with all of us! You are not only great professionals more importantly you are great human beings.
Relationship Coaching Company Owner


How Do We Commemorate September 11?

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It’s hard to believe it has been eleven years since the horrific attacks of September 11. For many of us, it that day is still as vivid as yesterday. Thousands of us suffered the direct loss of a friend or family member, and many more suffered from shock and fear in the weeks that followed the attack. However, looking back over a decade that has been indelibly altered by those events eleven years ago, the anniversary has noticeably shifted. How do we treat this anniversary as the years continue to pass? What’s most important for us to remember?

You’ll find a variety different answers to that question all over the media and internet. Many focus on the importance of remembering the pain and loss. Others remember the way our nation responded over coming years. However, for me, what’s most important to remember is that, eleven years ago this day, faced with total chaos and destruction, hundreds of heroes in New York and Washington chose to step into the wreckage and save the lives of others. Thousands of people across the U.S. came to the support of the families and friends of those who had been lost. And millions of people across the world mobilized, in one way or another, to bring aid and badly-needed funds to those in need.

What’s most important to remember is that when crisis hits, when chaos seems to take over, you have the power to remember what is most true about you. And what is most true about you is: in any situation, you have the power to do what’s right. You can do what’s right for you, for others around you, and for the greater good. It doesn’t matter how deep the pain or fear, it doesn’t matter what other people are saying or doing, it doesn’t even matter what kind of chaos it is. This part is always true: YOU CAN CHOOSE to make a difference.

So how do you do that?

When the terrorist attacks took place, Tony Robbins was giving a leadership workshop for over 2,000 people from 45 countries. More than 50 people in the audience had just lost friends, families, and businesses in the destruction. The room was in chaos. Because of the diversity in the group, some people were distraught, others were nonchalant, some were frozen in shock, and some were even amused or rejoicing. Like millions of others across the world, people were distraught, confused, and unable to think of something meaningful to do. Tony decided to guide the group through a process that would unify and empower them in a unique way.

At one point, a young Pakistani man stood up to interrupt everything. He said, “My first reaction to this event, as a Muslim, was ‘Hey, this is retribution.’” Next, a Jewish man from New York stood up to challenge the young Pakistani, and there seemed like an argument might break out. Tony brought the two men onstage. The two men thought they were stepping up to have a debate. But the real reason Tony had them step up… is to exercise their ability to choose… the ability to choose and take action in a way that was authentic for them individually. What’s right for them, and what’s right for the greater good. And as it turns out, after going through this process, the men embraced and went on to start an organization for religious tolerance.

So in honor of this day, in honor of those who were most deeply affected by September 11, and in honor of those who have affected us, we’re pleased to offer this film. We hope you find it meaningful.


Mark Peysha
CEO and cofounder
Robbins-Madanes Training

P.S. Here’s Asad nine years later speaking at the TED conference in Karachi Pakistan


Overcoming Barriers in the Family (new video)

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Do THIS to win back your future!

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Ever had a situation come crashing down around you while you’re wondering, “Now how am I going to fix this?”

Of course you have. The question is: when something goes wrong – whether it’s a work situation, a relationship, or a financial matter how do you get yourself 100% PRESENT to address it? Because when human beings get stressed, we tend to hide. Then we create a story in our minds about why this bad stuff is happening, and why we can’t change it. You have to be SO careful – because this reactive mindset can creep up on you and prevent you from coming up with a great solution.

Most people don’t realize that many or most problems can be solved through a) presence and b) strategy. Everyone experiences obstacles. People who can be present with the problem and present with their outcome – they make use of everything that comes in their way. They see strategies that can be put in play, and they take action.

 There’s an old saying: “In crisis lies opportunity.” Because crisis destabilizes everything, it enables you to see situations in a fresh set of eyes – and reassemble what’s there into
something that is much more meaningful. And guess what? You pull out of the crisis, take advantage of your resources and later, you’ll find yourself grateful that the crisis happened.

 Why? Because it forced you to make things even better.

In today’s film, we’re going to see how one man who thought he was wiped out by a crisis – then arose to turn it all around within one hour. With Tony’s help, he got present, got a strategy, and found an opportunity… that had actually been waiting for him. Within months, he was much happier than he had ever been before. You’ll see him several years later as he shares his results.

 This film is special to me because we have received over a dozen emails from people telling us this film literally saved their life. I hope you find it helpful and meaningful as well.


Mark Peysha


Robbins-Madanes Training

P.S. One of our students writes:

Words cannot begin to express what I’m going through in this training program. It is amazing! My mind is changing and I understand so many things I was blind about. I still have a lot of work, but I can already see and feel the results, and I’m enjoying the journey. I really appreciate your work and honor you. Thank you so much.

-D, Israel